Susie Fong

Susie Headshot.jpg

Susie Fong has an M.M. in Harpsichord Performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and received her B.A. in Music at the University of California at Berkeley. She is an accomplished solo and chamber pianist, harpsichordist, and continue player. Susie has performed with the Liaison Baroque Ensemble, Handel Opera Project, Classical Revolution, the Pacific Chamber Symphony, Bay Area Classical Harmonies, and the San Francisco Bach Choir. Susie has recorded with the Vinaccesi Ensemble and can be heard on their Centaur Records CD, Benedetto Vinaccesi: The Solo Cantatas.

Susie began her journey as a music educator in 2011, and is an active member of the San Francisco Branch of the Music Teachers Association of California. 


Well, over the holiday break my 14-year old son Scott and I visited some old friends. Scott, who is Paul's' student, played piano for a group of about a dozen grown-ups. I was delighted at how self-assured his performance was. He filled the house with beautiful music so what more could a father ask for? I give credit to Paul. He is a committed music teacher who brings a wide range of skills to the lessons. He has the flexibility to tailor the lessons to Scott's strengths and tastes. I highly recommend him for piano (and guitar) lessons. - John K.

[Geoff] has done an excellent job of explaining to me the fundamentals of jazz. He has a very keen eye for detail, and he will carefully correct even the slightest mistake. As a person, Geoff is fun to be around, [and] is also incredibly good at playing the piano...I've loved studying with Geoff for the past two years!" - Sava, age 13

Thank you Paul for teaching my two boys to love and appreciate music even though they didn't always love to practice. Henry is planning on doing the Advanced Placement Music test for his college prep work. I could not have gotten him there without your weekly work with him over seven years! - Susan K.