Sasha N, Age 10

Sasha N, Age 10

Piano Lessons

I believe in tailoring lessons to suit the interests and talents of each student so that they can achieve their personal musical goals. Each student is unique, and learns in a different way. Piano students ages 6 and up are offered instruction in reading music, keyboard technique, music theory, music history and general musicianship that will serve them either to pursue a career in music or to nurture a lifelong love and appreciation for it.

Beginning and intermediate piano students are taught using a combination of the Piano Adventures series and a variety of age-appropriate supplemental materials--a balanced approach that considers both student appeal and the building blocks of musicianship. For intermediate and advanced students, piano repertoire is selected from all periods of classical music as well as jazz and pop as suits their interests.

Private piano instruction is available in weekly 30, 45, and 60-minute increments in the Richmond District and Laurel Heights neighborhoods in San Francisco. To request a 30-minute trial lesson, click here.

Please see the Studio Policy page for more information on tuition and scheduling.