Private Lessons

One-on-one weekly lessons provide each student with the most individualized instruction time and helps lay the foundation of relationship-based learning. Our instructors engage each student with a balanced curriculum that considers both student appeal and the building blocks of musicianship.

Beginning and intermediate piano students ages 5 and up are taught using a combination of either the Piano Adventures, Piano Safari, or Royal Conservatory of Music series and a variety of supplemental materials. For intermediate and advanced students, piano repertoire is selected from all periods of classical music as well as jazz and pop as suits their interests.

Beginning guitar students ages 7 and up are provided instruction on basic barre chords and strums, guitar tablature, tuning and guitar care. Intermediate and advanced students explore fingerpicking, rhythm playing, and note-reading. Music styles include folk and rock. Acoustic guitars can be rented through the studio for an additional fee.

Tuition starts at $151/month and lessons are available in weekly 30, 45, and 60-minute increments in the Richmond District and Laurel Heights neighborhoods in San Francisco.